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My personal mission is to be a preeminent authority on "Price Optimization Modeling" which is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) that takes the human element into consideration when determining the value the current market value of a home. I have a natural ability to find solutions and create opportunities where "Everybody Wins."

I have over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, working with large database projects and doing data analysis projects. My roles on these projects have been Project Manager, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst. The projects have varied between application development and data warehousing. The functional areas have been within the administrative business operations verticals, such as, HR, Finance, Purchasing and C.R.M.s.

I have over 8 years of experience in residential real estate sales and have applied my technical skills to this profession in the area of Internet Lead-Generation and analysis of the behavior of buyers and how pricing affects the eventual selling price of the home. Combining my IT and real estate knowledge and skills, I have developed an algorithm that can optimize the price of a home to produce the highest sale price within 21 days on the market.  For more information, please visit 42-Day Sale at http://42daysale.com/. Call 609-933-1773 or email drew@cifrodelli.com

by Drew Cifrodelli

My business mission is to have a profound impact on the Real Estate Industry by improving efficiency of the market and effectiveness of the agents, while reducing risk for all stakeholders through the development of objective and measurable tools and technology for RE agents and their clients.

AVMs where formerly used in the Real Estate industry and my Price Optimization Model is designed to addresses the primary flaw of it's predecessor, AVM, which was the lack of adjusting for the human element; the present condition of a home, its actual size, views, location, improvements, and more.

Wall Street investors are demanding more extensive valuation methods before selling off properties that secure a non-performing note. At this time that are relying on two methods: 1) Traditionally, Real Estate Brokers/agents have used a tool called a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to set asking prices for homes;  and  2) Broker Price Opinion (BPO), which is a CMA that is done by an independent third party to theoretically obtain an unbiased third party opinion.

For a full understanding of my unique price/value optimization approach, please click here or on one of the icons above to view and/or download and print my article:  “PRICE (VALUE) OPTIMIZATION MODEL

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